Learning to love Red Hat Satellite 6

Red Hat Satellite 6 is one beast of a product based on various upstream projects and brought together by Red Hat. Satellite 6 can certainly change theway you manage your Red Hat Enterprise Linux fleet and simplify your tasks in  configuration management, patch management, provisioning and subscriptions.

You can also bring Red Hat Satellite 6 into your environment to minimise bandwidth requirements or to enable Red Hat content onto your disconnected and air gapped networks through established procedures.

I am an avid user of Satellite 6 and work with a customer with multiple Satellite 6 instances and over 10 capsules to enable Red Hat Content to over 4000+ registered content hosts with the number increasing daily. There are established procedures from syncing content from the Red Hat CDN to disconnected Satellite 6 instances to provide content in a timely fashion to customers.

Working closely with the customer, I have been a part of migrating users from Satellite 5 and bringing them across to Satellite 6 which presented multiple challenges and push backs from a variety of stake holders.

Learning to love Red Hat Satellite 6 can be a challenge in itself and a journey to understand all the features and benefits using this product can provide. Every customer will have different requirements and Satellite 6 aims to work in some of the most challenging environments.

Through a series of blogs, I aim to break down some of the difficulties users have with the product and provide an insight into how Satellite 6 works as a disconnected product for content and subscription management. Stay tuned!




June 8, 2019 at 4:38 pm

I love that you love Satellite 6

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