Setting up a portable provisioning systems on KVM

I have been in situations where I need to test a build process on my laptop but do not have the necessary infrastructure setup or available for me. This is an easy way to replicate the entire PXE kickstart process on your own laptop with Satellite and KVM.

I’ve broken it down to a number of parts that can be easily followed and replicated on any Linux machine with KVM. Instead of Satellite you can also use Foreman but will need to manage content separately.

Part 1: A portable PXE/Kickstart provisioning systems through KVM
Part 2: Installing Red Hat Satellite 6
Part 3: Configuring Red Hat Satellite for DHCP, DNS and TFTP
Part 4: Kickstart a RHEL host from Red Hat Satellite 6

Following these four steps will get you running with a portable provisioning system where you can build from and start exploring all the features of Red Hat Satellite.


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